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      My name is Thomas Alvis. I have been practicing law in Austin for 21 years. I have helped many people with debt problems get a fresh start. I offer and encourage a FREE CONFIDENTIAL CONSULTATION to people with debt problems, and here’s why—

      The TV, the newspaper, and the Internet are full of companies advertising a confusing assortment of ways to attack debt problems including several types of bankruptcy, home equity loans and several types of creditor workout programs. The important thing to understand is that each person’s debt situation is unique. There are no canned answers. Which method would work best for you, depends on YOUR specific situation. Besides understanding the advantages of a particular method, unless you also understand its limitations, you could choose a course that would make things worse instead of better. That’s why you need to talk with someone who is willing to look at your specific situation and has the experience to help you choose the best alternative.

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